Criminal by Coincidence

Some months back, actually in the spring. I was on my way home from a coaching session. I know quite a few girls, whom like flower shots, and I spot something in a garden, that I want to shoot. The lot next to this house is empty, so I shoot from the side, and take great care to show I am *not* shooting their windows, or any persons. I prop up the tele and shoot a few times, then move on.

As I am walking down the road, I get the sense that I am being followed, but I have La Coka Nostra going in my ears, which was irony - but I'll get to that. I ignore the feeling and I don't turn to look. Then I get the feeling again, and this time, I am sure someone is yelling. I turn around, and I see two police officers running toward me. I immediately know what the problem is - or at least I think I do. Even before the first one reaches me, I am smiling at him, flipping up the screen, so he can see that I am no stalker. He looks and says 'a few more' - I let him know, I was shooting the flowers (they were fuckin pink, he must have thought......). Turns out that wasn't the problem - no.....I simply looked like a criminal on top of my behaviour. I smiled at him, and told him that I hardly dressed like bankers and politicians. To his defence he laughed. But you have to wonder what we, out of fear, think are criminals - while the ones we often trust with our money, kids' education etc, are often the real criminals.

Here are the flowers for your viewing pleasure.