Dementia, Normalcy & a Dwarf Tween

I am on my way to Horsens, sitting at the train station in Aarhus. A dwarf woman (what is the correct term?) passes me with he two kids, one a tween, I am fairly sure. I don't think I've seen that - and as unique as it was, all I saw, was the beauty of normalcy - and two amazing kids - which means the mom must be awesome. Brilliant experience. Shortly after a woman in sporty slacks, probably 65+, looking know, those active pensionists - actually, she looked great. But she was nobody, and had completely lost the plot, and her mind.

I obviously didn't shoot this. But did you notice the contrast? Both in the two descriptions, but also in the old woman - they were seconds apart, yet worlds too. What image would fit? I attached two, one is called Dementia, and is from a series/exhibit called Peril - the second one reminds me that small things are often very awesome.