Leave Your Phone at Home

Yesterday, coming home from a walkabout, I walk past a younger couple. The woman had one of the kids in a trolley, the dad was walking with a young boy in one hand - and thumbing through his phone with the other, while they are walking. What need do you have of thumbing through your phone, when you're out with your kid? And he was a hipster too - you know what? Growing a beard, sticking a ring in your nose and working in advertising, does not make you creative - and when you're with your kids - focus your attention on them and put your phone in your pocket.

The shot attached is called Dancing Dad and was part of an exhibit on Aarhus.

Dementia, Normalcy & a Dwarf Tween

I am on my way to Horsens, sitting at the train station in Aarhus. A dwarf woman (what is the correct term?) passes me with he two kids, one a tween, I am fairly sure. I don't think I've seen that - and as unique as it was, all I saw, was the beauty of normalcy - and two amazing kids - which means the mom must be awesome. Brilliant experience. Shortly after a woman in sporty slacks, probably 65+, looking like.....you know, those active pensionists - actually, she looked great. But she was yelling.....at nobody, and had completely lost the plot, and her mind.

I obviously didn't shoot this. But did you notice the contrast? Both in the two descriptions, but also in the old woman - they were seconds apart, yet worlds too. What image would fit? I attached two, one is called Dementia, and is from a series/exhibit called Peril - the second one reminds me that small things are often very awesome.


Portfolio//Skuespiller//Steffen Nielsen

Steffen Nielsen er en af mine gode venner. Super fyr, fantastisk skuespiller - jeg har set i reklamer, at han kan køre bil med en pose over hovedet. Spøg til side. Hyggelig dag, hyggelig opgave, lækkert vejr. Et par øl i solen bagefter. Her er et af style shotsene. Jeg skød omkring 130 RAW, og gætter på, at en høj procentdel holder, så vidt jeg lige kan ane.